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How do I Check the Engine Self-Test on a 1996 Subaru?

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    • 1). Pull off the lower dashboard panel on the driver's side of your 1996 Subaru. The panel extends from the top of the steering wheel column to the brake and gas pedals. The panel does not require any tools to remove and should pull straight out.

    • 2). Find the OBD II connector wire with a flashlight. The connector is made of 16 pins in 2 rows and is not plugged into any other wire. The connector should also match the connection on your OBD II scanner.

    • 3). Plug your OBD II scanner into the OBD II connector port before turning both the scanner and the car on. It is not necessary to start your car, simply turn the key to the "ON" position.

    • 4). Read the displayed code on your OBD II scanner and write it down. Some codes are deciphered instantly by the scanner while others will show only an error number. If you only get a number, look it up in your model specific repair manual.

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