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Best Model Of Washing Machine

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Washing machines have been one of the vital household equipment which is used to wash and dry the clothes. Since last few years, most of the people who live in any household all over the country are leading busy lifestyle as they work in the expanding work force as well as take care of chores at home. By washing and drying clothes, washer eases lot of burden which is household chore. Today, it has become one of the common household machines all over the world.

There are many models of the product available in the market which range from low cost semi automatic machines to elite products such as front loading which is completely automatic. It is natural that the buyer would like to purchase the best model of the product which is available in the market and fits his budget. But, he is naturally confused about the features of the best washing machine in India. Here, are some common features of the best washer for the buyer's reference.

Some Common Features of Best Washing Machine

1. Steam At The End Of Washing Cycle

The best should have the feature of steam action at the end of cycle. As per the study, the steam action refreshes the clothes and reduces the crease in clothes. The user does not have to iron the clothes.

2. Different Options

The next feature is lot of choices for washing cycle for washing and drying clothes. There are different types of clothes such as cotton, silk, artificial fibers etc. which require different types of washing and different cycles. The best offers all types of programs which help to customize as per the type of garments. It prolongs the life of these clothes and lessens the wear and tear.

The washing cycle program ranges from the everyday garments to the bed covers and duvets. It also includes the sportswear which is manufactured from synthetic threads.

3. Smart Operation

The best have various parts which when combined operates smartly. The 3D sensor system of the machine includes balance sensor, load sensor and an accelerometer. This part measures the load which has been placed in the machine and indicates the capacity of the washing machine before starting the wash. It also provides the estimated wash time required before the start of the washing.

4. Stain Master Function
The best also has a stain master function, which helps to clean different types of stains on the clothes. It ranges from mud, blood, beer and make-up among the others. When counted, the machine is capable of cleaning more than 22 types of stains on the garments.
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