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5 Keys to Your MLM Business Success

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Your MLM training requires 5 keys skills and activities to achieve success in your business.
They are branding you, giving value, copywriting, picking up the phone and traffic and lead generation.
Work on these 5 skills and your MLM business will see amazing results.
Lets take a closer look at these 5 skills.
  1. You, Inc.
    The name of the name is branding your.
    It is not about the product or services you are offering but who and what you are.
    People want to work with someone they know and trust.
    Also they want to work with someone who can help them get where they want to be.
    Your message to your list and others who come across you should be that you are a leader and you have worked with others just like them to achieve success.
    You Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is what you want others to see.
    What makes you different from the hundreds of other leaders out there vying for your prospects attention? Demonstrate leader, success in your business and a way for others to duplicate what you have done.
  2. Give before you even think about receiving.
    If you have ever heard of BNI (Business Network International) their motto is: Givers Gain.
    That is a great idea that applies to your MLM business.
    You have to give value to attract leads to you.
    If you are starting out in some kind of Network Marketing business you have to deliver value.
    You need to develop a trust and content has to be relevant to them.
    You need to continue your education and help others do the same.
    Tips and tools that will save people time and money shows them that you care about them.
    They will not care about what you are saying until they know that you care about them.
    You do that by giving them information they can use today to increase their business.
  3. Copywriting is a skill you need to work on constantly.
    Getting your message out and having some one read it are critical factors.
    If you do not have a headline that is compelling, then no will open you emails or stay on your website.
    If your sales letter does grab their attention and end with a call to action you have wasted your time and money.
    You must always be developing your copywriting skills.
    Look at what others are doing and use it in your copywriting.
    If it attracted your attention it probably did others.
    There are some great books on the market from: Robert Bly & Joseph Sugarman to name just two.
    Developing your copywriting skills is second only to talking to leads.
  4. You have to pick-up the phone and talk to leads.
    Yes, there are MLM Opportunities out these tell you they work on automatic and they do.
    But if you are looking to make your dreams come true in your life time you need to talk to your leads directly.
    That phone call with a lead is the second step in developing trust.
    The first was the content you published that attracted the person in the first place.
    By talking to them you establish a strong bond with the person.
    You can reinforce your call to action direct.
    The top earners in your MLM business will all tell you the same thing.
    Block out time each day to call and talk to leads.
    Make it a priority and you will increase your business faster.
  5. Focus on traffic and lead generation the rest will follow.
    Without leads you have no one to talk to and sponsor into your business.
    Without traffic you cannot hope to have leads.
    So that should be your focus.
    Traffic generation to your website so you can generate leads.
    You can use article marketing, Pay-Per-Click or some other form of attraction marketing.
    All the elements I have talked about in this article all combine to drive traffic to your site.
    Everything you do on the Internet should be to drive traffic to your site.
My MLM training has had many more lessons than these five, but I consider them five critical aspects of your training.
If you want to be a top earner in your MLM Business you must work on these five skills and apply them every single day without fail.
Here are some simple action steps you can do:
  1. Start a blog and post daily for the first 6 months (Brand You, Inc)
  2. Write an article everyday that delivers value (use it on your blog as a post)
  3. Review other's ads and swipe and use it in your copy (Do not copy exactly)
  4. Use your copy in Ads (leads to your website and Opt-in form)
  5. Call leads who Opt-in on your list
  6. Go to forums and other social media sites and participate in the conversation (make yourself visible)
  7. Repeat this process everyday
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