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How to Adjust Your Golf Game

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A large percentage of your score comes from putting. Adjusting your set up position can go a long way towards improving your score. Place the ball so that the back of the ball is in the middle of your stance. Make sure your alignment is set so the putter hits the ball squarely. Grip the putter more with your palms while keeping a light grip pressure. Stand directly over the ball, with your eyes lined up inside of your target line. This will help to prevent pushing or pulling the ball during the put. Lean the shaft of the putter a little forward to the left and make the put.

Chip Shots

Set up using a narrower stance than you would with short irons, start with your hands positioned slightly ahead of the ball. Smoothly swing through the ball with a steady, consistent swing.

Hooking and Slicing

Having the right stance will help in preventing hooking and slicing. Place your feet in a wide stance in accordance with the club you're using. Use a relaxed posture while keeping your body movement balanced. Practice keeping the club correctly in the swing plane. Keep your shoulders and hips in a parallel alignment with the target line. The club should be parallel to the target line at the top of the swing. Deviation on either side of the target line may result in a slice or a hook.


Start with a good stance, with feet about shoulder width apart. Bend the knees and bend forward until the arms are hanging straight down with the club directly under the chin. Start your back swing smooth and slow, keeping your forward arm straight to provide a complete extension. The distance you'll get will be determined by the length of your backswing. Turn your shoulders a full 90 degrees, and don't hit the ball with all your power. Work on achieving a steady rhythm and increasing the speed of your swing. Follow through with the forward swing right down the target line while concentrating on posture, balance, and your swing rythym.


Increase your confidence and improve your game by practicing basic golf tips. Make adjustments to your swing to determine what works best for you. Establish a complete approach to golf by becoming proficient in all the aspects of the game. Adjust your basic skills by following a guide or system that works well for you to better your performance.
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