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Proper Women's Clothing for an Interview

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    Dressing for Interview Success

    • No matter what job you are applying for, be conservative. Dress to show that you are a professional. Even if you are just out of college and completely broke, borrow money and go to thrift stores to find a basic dark-colored skirt or trousers and a coordinating blazer or jacket. Make sure everything fits as well as it can. Sometimes investing in a more expensive suit is worth it if it fits better. If you can find a suit at a thrift store that would fit with minor alterations buy it and have it tailored.
      Quality natural fabrics, especially wool, are a good choice. Polyester or polyester blends, while inexpensive and easy to care for, don't look as professional as natural fabrics.
      Stick with basic black, brown, gray or dark blue for interview clothing. If you get a classic, well-made style you should be able to wear it for years, as long as it fits. Some professionals suggest that women stick with skirts. While this may seem sexist, a skirt is still perceived as the epitome of professional attire for women. A skirt should hit the wearer a little below the knee. Never wear a skirt that falls above the knee.
      Always wear a jacket, regardless of whether you opt for a skirt or pants.
      Wear a light-colored blouse under your suit. White, off-white, pink and light blue are acceptable.
      Avoid fads. Wearing quality, classic styles says you are serious and understand the value of a good investment.
      It is as important to wear clothes that are comfortable as it is to wear clothes that fit well and look nice. Don't wear anything that itches, binds or creeps. Scratching, tugging or fidgeting with your clothes is distracting to you and the interviewer and makes you appear unprofessional.
      Your clothes should be clean, neat and ironed. An employer should give you more credit for appearing well-groomed and neat than for having an expensive suit.
      Avoid flashy accessories. A little color can be a good thing, but do not wear large glitzy earrings or necklaces. Never wear anything that could be construed as suggestive or revealing. You don't want your clothes and accessories to be more memorable than you.
      Wear comfortable shoes that look nice. You don't want to be distracted by sore feet during the interview. Clean your shoes and polish them if necessary. Again, conservative is best. Avoid stilettos and open-toed shoes. Heels are fine, as long as they are low-heeled and you walk naturally in them.
      If you are uncertain of what to wear to an interview, don't be afraid to call and ask what the company's dress code is. Even if the company's dress code is casual, opt for professional attire for the interview. Interviewers will be more impressed with someone who is overdressed than someone who is underdressed.
      Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence.

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