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Ancient Africa Food, Modern Marvel - Hoodia Gordonii

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Hoodia has been affecting lives for possibly a thousand years in the African desert, now it can have a positive impact on your weight loss.
Hoodia is the name of a cactus like plant, that is a native of Africa.
There are many types Hoodia Gordonii, the one found in Africa has been found to produce excellent weight loss results.
The power of Hoodia is in the effect it produces on the appetite.
Some believe that Hoodia may be the most powerful appetite suppressant ever discovered.
Since Hoodia curbs appetite, therefore it can help in weight loss of the body.
Phytopharm, a drug developer and manufacturer, identified the significance of this effect of Hoodia for obese and overweight people.
The company started clinical trials with various species of Hoodia plant.
During clinical trials it was found that only Hoodia Gordonii curbs appetite efficiently and benignly.
It was obvious from the beginning that Hoodia would prove to be safe because the San Bushmen of Africa had been eating it as part of their diet for hundreds of years.
When questioned they reported no bad side effects to the consumption of the plants.
For appetite suppression Hoodia follows a unique path.
Digestive system of the body converts, everything we eat, into glucose.
The glucose is absorbed by small intestine and transported to all cells of the body through blood.
Till the presence of food in the stomach is acknowledged, the level of glucose in the blood remains constant, after that it falls down.
When it falls down the brain becomes aware about hunger.
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