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How Long Do Affairs Last? - When Infidelity Kicks in

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Let me tell you one heartbreaking secret: Affairs last for as long as they can. Sometimes, they never do, but if they last, then, there's a clearly an emotional involvement. Now, if you are being cheated by someone, and you know well enough that they are having an affair with someone else, and you take in yourself to not take it seriously and pray that it will just end soon, then you're on for a long haul of pain and suffering. Why wait when you can actually do something about it? No I'm not saying anything about saving your relationship. Well you can do that, but for your sake, when someone cheats on you, it's a solid sign you should break-up, put everything behind you and move on. You deserve to be happy and you deserve someone better.

Supposed you really love your partner. Breaking-up is probably the last thing on your mind right now and you're just praying to the stars above that some divine intervention would happen and your partner will go back to your arms weeping and realizing it's not worth it. Well, good for you. However, this doesn't happen. Let me discuss with you why there's no specific time frame on how long affairs last.

Since there isn't too much commitment in an affair, chances are, the two parties can stay together for a long time. The human brain works this way, for some weird reason. The more we know we're not bound to anything, the more we become bound to it. Maybe you have given your partner reasons to stray or look for affection from somebody else. Did things turn totally sour between the two of you? Sometimes, having an affair is just a way for a person to feel comforted, or they just might be insecure or longs for the things their current partner cannot give. Once they found this security with someone else and as long as they are emotionally involved, then this relationship can probably go stronger than yours.

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