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Internet Marketing - The Importance of Having a Plan

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If you are new to Internet Marketing then no doubt you have found yourself going off at a tangent or getting distracted.
This is bound to happen, Internet Marketing is such a vast area and even within a specific area there are different niches and different ways of doing things.
Personal discipline will help and creating a plan will keep you focussed on what it is that you are aiming for.
Decide what you want to achieve on that day and stick to it, write a "To Do" list and put the amount of time you plan to spend on that task and don't go over it.
In the early days and now I get a lot of leads for my business from Twitter.
Twitter is great there are tools available to help to you manage your followers and even schedule your tweets for when you are not about.
As I learnt though you can quite easily spend a lot of time on Twitter, Facebook is the same, you think "I'll just check my social network sites" and 3 hours later you are wondering where the time went and what you actually achieved in those 3 hours.
Remember spending so much time on these sites might get you some leads but unless you come away from them and follow up on these leads you are not going to make any sales! It is inevitable that you will come across information and tools of interest as you start out and many will open up a whole new avenue you didn't know about before.
You may be researching Private Label Resale Rights products and come across Affiliate Marketing.
This is good as it is all a great learning curve but bouncing around from pillar to post in your research is going to eat hours, confuse you and stop you completing any actions on that all important To Do list.
It is very easy to spend a whole day reading on the internet but there is a good chance you'll be confused.
Have that to do list next to you.
If you read about something you want to look into further write it down on another list.
Refer back to this later but for now carry out the actions you have set yourself.
In a lot of cases it will be an email or Facebook message that sends you off on a tangent from your plan.
A great way to tackle this is to write your to do list first thing in the morning.
Reverse the order of what you plan to do.
Step one in many cases will be check email.
Later you might be planning to record a video message for your blog.
Do the video first.
Before you open your emails, check your Facebook or Twitter do those one or two tasks that will mean you have accomplished something.
It takes time for that video to be uploaded to the internet anyway, an ideal opportunity to check your emails then.
If you spend the afternoon going off at tangents or get carried away with Twitter and Facebook then at least you have some tasks complete that day.
You can allocate hours in the day to going back to the list you have started of things to look into further, in this time concentrate on that topic only.
If you come across something else jot it down on the list and carry on with what it is you are researching today.
If you are marketing online already you will have no doubt found yourself in this position at some point.
If you haven't started yet and you are reading this as part of your research into internet marketing I have some further advice for you.
One of my favourite quotes is "You don't have to get it right, you just have to get it going...
" this is so true! Internet marketing is a vast area that spans many niches, if you are going to spend any sort of money to invest in a business you would be crazy not to do your due diligence first but on the flip side if you plan to read up on internet marketing in it's entirety before actually starting then I imagine you will be still reading as they cart you to the old folks home.
When you've found an area of internet marketing that takes your interest give it a go, it could be affiliate marketing or resale rights products, whatever, get cracking and learn on the way.
In a short space of time you could be writing your own product on "How to Get Started as an Internet Marketer - Volume 1" Whichever it is I wish you luck.
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