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Read our SEO top tips here. Find out how localisation, translation and socialising can affect your International Search Engine Marketing strategy:


First and foremost, search engines from Google, through to Baidu in China, to Yandex in Russia, prefer localisation. In order to do well in competitive markets you need to analyse both, your local and global competition in each target market. For example, some search engines prefer that sites are hosted locally, with country-specific domain names.

2. Don't just translate your keywords €" think like your target audience

Don't base keyword research solely on translations from English to a particular language - neither for PPC nor SEO. Oban recently found that there was a 'perfect' German translation of a technology term but it had only 140 searches a month on it. OBAN Multilingual's German team identified an alternative term, which had over 40,000 searches a month.

3. Socialise efficiently €" it's not all Facebook and Twitter
Social Media can be a great marketing tool; however, it is used very differently across the globe. Social Networking platforms are as varied as the people using them. For example, in China QQ.com is by far the most popular social networking site, whereas our good old friends Facebook and Twitter are banned. To maximise the effects of social media marketing, make sure that your social media strategy is specifically tailored to the region and market you are targeting.

If you want to know how to improve your International Search Engine Marketing, visit our International SEO News channel on Youtube, the first of its kind to provide exclusive and in-depth insight into Internet, Search and Social Media trends across the globe.

OBAN Multilingual have been at the forefront of multilingual search strategies for over almost a decade, and have worked with a vast range of prestigious clients in researching and developing SEO and SEM strategies on an international platform. Now they have decided to share their findings and knowledge with the rest of the world.

The 'International SEO News' channel delves into the World Wide Web, looking at how the internet and search varies from place to place, and provides valuable and thought-led insight into cultural differences and search engine marketing.

OBAN carries out extensive research into internet trends and search in a number of different markets, and we often discover some interesting and unexpected facts and figures, the sort of things we wouldn't want to keep to ourselves. Our short videos cover some of these findings, as well as some general multilingual SEO tips.

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