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Blueberries Are a Rich Source of Vitamins and Antioxidants

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Blueberries have a taste that is perhaps a bit bittersweet, but can also be delicious.
If you add them to cereals, with a bit of sugar or better yet, Nutrasweet, they add a great taste.
This fruit is an autumn fruit, though you can buy them frozen anytime which is just about as nutritionally beneficial as fresh from the market.
This fruit has a lot of great nutritional goodness in it.
One cup of blueberries is around 80 calories, and packed with many antioxidants.
One of the most powerful antioxidants found in blueberries is known as anthocyanidins.
Anthocyanidins are a phytonutrient that is capable of helping blood vessel health, and therefore, helps to prevent a stroke as well as helping to protect you against damages from free radicals which cause various diseases.
Anthocyanidins have also been strongly proven to play a role in eyesight improvement and cuts down on age-related macular degeneration.
New research has also shown a great possibility that anthocyanidins may help brain power and slow down the rate at which Alzheimer's Disease progresses.
The reason for this phytochemical working against Alzheimer's Disease is yet to be known, but certain evidence has shown older folks to have better brain power and as a result, cognitive abilities were sharper.
One cup of blueberries is also high in Vitamin C, and in fact, you get at least 30 percent of your required daily C from this fruit source.
Vitamin C, which is essential to our health, helps the immune system to fight off viruses of many types.
Fiber in one cup of blueberries is nearly 4 grams.
Fiber is a source which gives us the required roughage we need to maintain regularity on a daily basis.
Blueberries also have certain properties which help to fight off urinary tract infections.
It is the juice of blueberries that will counteract E.
coli, one of the main bacterias in urinary tract infections.
Ovarian cancers can possibly be prevented by eating a steady diet of blueberries.
This is due to the fact that there is Kaempferol in this fruit.
Kaempferol, defined as a flavonoid, has qualities of a medicinal nature which helps to stop ovarian cancers from starting to begin with.
So in summary here, this fruit does many great things if eaten regularly.
To get your allowance of this fruit into your daily diet, try putting them into smoothies with non-fat vanilla yogurt, or place them on your cereals.
And as you do so, you will see health benefits in a lot of ways.
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