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No More Leaders Or Followers - Sovereign Individuals in Community

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I understand how individuals desire to pursue the leadership path, in order to get in touch with and grow their inner power and perhaps they have the intent to assist in empowering others; especially if they have been followers in life; however it's limiting to play leader, the word itself is polarizing, because it's opposite is - the follower.
Frankly I don't wish to live in a world where everyone is either a leader or a follower.
I actually perceive that being a 'leader' is on its way out as we evolve spiritually, it's old form, old hat at that! For as one designates him or herself as the leader he/she has already cut themselves out of the co-creative loop, and the group, who agrees to giving up their power to such a leader, is either by default or through conscious choice, playing the old game which often results in separation and power imbalances.
Often with leaders and followers there is no real unity possible.
I perceive that these times are calling us spiritually to reclaim our sovereignty as spiritual beings, and to realize that we are in truth engaged with and involved in a co-creative process, and that the input of each of us is essential to resolving all the complex issues we are currently facing in life.
Our hearts are calling us to remember and make whole our mind, body and soul as well as our relationships in common-unity.
As we evolve our relationships, we remember what it is to be in conscious relationship.
As we evolve our conscious relationship, we remember how to more consciously co-create within our shared reality.
For far too long, we have allowed and tolerated leaders to show us the way, or to decide for us how it will be without our input or conscious consent.
We have been living in a matrix of lies and deceit, in 'self centred' defeat...
where resource and information is manipulated and controlled to suit the few, and it's been the predominant reality that the leadership (the few controlling the many), has been shepherding the flock to where 'they desire' to take us.
And believe me many of these ones are utilizing magical processes to pull it off.
Leaders have often determined and governed over our collective reality and lives, with their own agendas and it needs to stop! As we awaken to our fuller spiritual potential we remember the wise process of conscious co-facilitation.
A skilled co-facilitator has no need for followers and has no agenda to push.
Their role is to assist a group of individuals themselves to determine their own direction and what it is they wish to achieve or experience so that the group can increasingly become involved in a co-facilitation process.
When we open to higher spiritual guidance and spiritual presences as a group we expand our co-facilitation to involve 'friends in high places'.
These additional co-facilitators can and do provide input and support to assist us in experiencing positive shifts in consciousness in support of conscious evolution.
For those individuals who can open to trust such a process, there is profound assistance available as our friends and family in the unseen realms often remind us that we are much more than mere humans who have access to a Divine Source of wisdom and love.
In fact each of us is an aspect of the Divine Creator expressing as you, me, our entire family.
We know that it's much more empowering to the whole to dialogue instead of debate, to explore cooperation versus competition and to utilize wholistic processes as a way of accessing our fuller potential, our wholeness, rather than rely on approaches which further take us apart - compartmentalizing us into categories and symptoms, as in 'psycho' analysis.
It is the 'consciousness of separation' which is in itself indicative of a psyche and spirit that is broken and therefore cut off from experiencing what it is to feel the loving presence especially in and through relationship.
As we come together and agree to utilize our spiritual capacities for the common good within groups we have the potential to be a loving and magical team, a force to be reckoned with, and that is what it is going to take for us to bust out of the matrix we have been in, with the few leading the many, right down the pathways of hell.
As people become committed to break free from the spells, together we can support one another to navigate ourselves out of the MATRIX of leaders and followers to finally heal the 'sheepels complex' and the 'leaders with agendas' complex - where individuals 'decree' what is the 'right' action or process to be.
NO No No! It's time to be FREE,.
to determine yes, our individual reality, yet even more important, our 'shared reality'.
Whilst men have traditionally approached their lives and professional work predominantly operating from what some have termed a male 'mind oriented' or logical approach to life, devising strategies in accordance with mind leading the show, many women have adapted to follow to some degree, in those same footsteps; however many men and women are finding that mind and ego alone brings us to many dead ends.
Many men and women together now are awakening to realize that it's only the wisdom of our hearts and souls which can assist us in navigating out of the many crises and holes we have dug ourselves into.
Each of us has access to profound spiritual capacities, and intuitive knowing and if when we commit to allow ourselves to develop these innate abilities, we will increasingly come into harmony with life.
We are at opportunity now to make major course corrections and as we make a commitment to utilize the compass of our hearts - we can together steer our collective Relation-Ship towards sailing where we as a group desire to be.
I encourage that we stop thinking of men or women or ourselves as being this way or that.
I find it a huge waste of time/energy because so many of us are shifting profoundly and are even redefining what it means to be a man and a woman AND what it is to be in conscious relationship.
Men and women are coming together to relate and work in ways they have never been able to before because they are moving through a profound transformation as they let go of old self concepts, roles and strategies for living which have been largely survival oriented versus supportive of thriving in well-being.
Can you imagine a leaderless world, one where there are no longer any followers? A place where each one steps up to express themselves more authentically and each acknowledges and honours the value of our shared relationship and reality? This rather than the contrast of manipulating and controlling circumstances or people to do ones bidding in order to have it their way, versus exploring finding our way.
This is already occurring; it's just a matter of more of us making a conscious commitment to shift out of the old roles and limiting systems and structures which have held us in the old matrix of control and manipulation, the separation game.
For as long as there are leaders there will be followers.
Until we can come together to co-facilitate another way to be and to do, will we be imposing limits on what's possible for me and you.
I trust our Divine presence and potential is already guiding us along the return path to this integral sacred space of grace where sovereign individuals replace the need for leaders and followers.
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