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How to Unlock a Boost 450 Phone

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    • 1). Contact Boost Mobile customer support and request the phone's identification number. This number, the IMEI code, identifies the particular 450. Along with the IMEI code Boost, will provide you with the phone's unlock code, derived from the IMEI code. Depending on the conditions of the contract entered into with Boost, it might charge you for the number.

    • 2). Turn off the Boost 450. Turn the phone on its face and remove the protective casing that covers the phone's battery. Look below the battery for a small slot housing a card. This is Boost's SIM card. The SIM card connects the phone to its wireless provider. Remove Boost's card and replace it with the card from the new network, which they will provide when you enter into a contract.

    • 3). Restart the 450. It will detect the new SIM card. A message will appear on the screen requesting authorization to move forward. This is the unlock code Boost customer service provided. Enter it on the 450's dial pad. The 450 will then be unlocked and ready to start using the new wireless network.

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