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Perfume Wearing in the Nutshell

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At a party, it's always easy to differentiate a person who is uninformed about perfume wearing from those who know a little bit more about the art of wearing a scent correctly.
The one who knows would attract people to him or her while the one who does not smells like he or she spilt a whole bottle of perfume onto his or her clothes on the way out.
That is why we need to learn the art of wearing perfume correctly so that we do not repulse people at a party - ESPECIALLY during a party because there's always a battle of fragrances in the air and everyone's got their own thing going.
For one, dab your perfume on before you wear your clothes or costume jewelry.
Some fragrances do not react well when they are applied on metal, plastic, wood or pearls.
On top of that, you might ruin your accessories as well.
As for clothes, some perfume stain clothes so do not wear your perfume with your clothes on.
That is why some people prefer to put their fragrances inside the toilet so that they can put some on directly after a shower when the body and skin can absorb the scent better and they're not yet dressed.
The art of wearing perfume is that you do NOT need to overdo things.
Remember, little is quite enough.
You apply dabs of perfume over your pulse points but not all your pulse points.
And you do not need to rub you're the insides of your wrists together for effect because it changes the way the scent is absorbed.
In most cases, dabbed-on perfume is better than the spray-on kind because you can control the amount that you apply more accurately.
Some advocate for spraying perfume directly into the hair but this is not what I would recommend.
Spraying into the air and walking into the mist is a good idea if you have to but bear in mind that the fragrance from your shampoo and other products that you use on your hair (e.
, gel and mousse) might change the smell a little.
Most of us have our own preferred scent and use it diligently every time.
What I suggest is for you to vary your use from time to time to give yourself a refreshing feeling every day.
The more you use the same perfume, the more accustomed your body is to it and the less people notice you.
And that defeats the purpose, doesn't it?
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