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Women in Balance

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Let's face it - June Cleaver's days are long gone.
The cinched waist dress, dinner-on-the-table wifely duty routine has all but disappeared.
As women, we have new and greater expectations placed on us by society and by our own internal longing to be more and do more.
As women's roles have evolved over the past years, significant changes have occurred both at work and at home.
Never before have so many women been so influential in defining the way we do business.
Our glass ceilings are gradually being raised as the gender gap decreases; with that, the hopes and dreams of every woman in America rises to new levels.
We are expected to work, to raise children, to maintain marriages, and to juggle the household tasks.
Women no longer choose between career and family; we have proven we can have both.
As women, our nurturing instinct coincides with our desire to make a difference in the world other than through our child-rearing and home-making abilities.
We want it all.
Women have become experts at what has commonly been referred to as "multi-tasking.
" We actually brag about our knack for it.
The situation becomes the boss, and we do what we must to balance it all.
We hear so much about work and life balance.
As a business coach, the topic of balance is frequently discussed.
We must be committed to BE where we ARE.
There is really no constructive purpose for defining work in one way and life in another.
If we are authentic in our relationships, and present for the moments that add up to become our legacy, we live fuller, more productive lives.
The important people in our lives are watching and learning from our actions both at work and at home.
Our culture defines life and work as competing priorities.
This is our story.
Perhaps we can let that story go, and consider that our life is whole, with each moment holding the same potential for leading fully enriched lives regardless where we are.
Imagine a life where our work compliments home, and our home compliments work.
We are one person, showing up powerfully wherever we may be.
Creating balance in our life involves learning to prioritize.
It is a critical component in order to keep all the balls in the air; focusing on action that drives something bigger than simply crossing things off of a to-do list.
Become comfortable with saying no to requests that don't serve you or the greater good; this helps to filter out the tasks that prevent you from being your best self.
Above all, temper your expectations.
Know that you are just right, just as you are, and learn to accept what is so.
Timing is always perfect, every time.
your home is not as clean as you'd like it to be, and you haven't greeted your children home from school with warm cookies lately.
Do they know your love for them is unconditional? Do you think they care if you dusted their book shelves or disinfected their toys? I don't think so.
At work, does your presence make a difference? Are you doing work that supports who you are as a person? Maybe you didn't get through your wish-list of tasks.
By being committed to getting priority work accomplished, and letting go of the rest, you set the example and become a valuable role model - in everything you do.
Recognize what you have accomplished instead of focusing on what you didn't.
Implement strategies that work for you - at home as well as at work.
You might just find that the strategy works in both places.
Balance Strategies: · Commit to a life balanced in mind, body, and spirit; giving intentional thought to your unique needs.
· Consider who you are and how you want to be remembered, and know that every action counts.
· Know that work and home combine to become your life.
Only you know the right mix for you.
· Become great at gaining extreme focus, giving due diligence to the task at hand.
· Prioritize, and reprioritize when the situation calls for it, while aligning with your life purpose.
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