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How to Install Jeep Soft Doors

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    • 1). Remove the factory hard doors of the Jeep. Lift up and pull the doors out of the pin inserts. The bottoms might have nuts holding the pins in place. If so, use a 12mm socket to remove the nuts. The pins will slide straight up and out of the hinge.

    • 2). Install the paddle handle in the new soft door. There are pre-cut "X" patterns in the fabric of the side door. Turn the fabric in and place the paddle handle in place. With the handle in place, use the hole punch to mark four holes to insert screws through the paddle handle and fabric.

    • 3). Use a Phillips screwdriver to secure the four truss-head screws in the four mounting holes that you made. Tighten the screws and secure the handle in place.

    • 4). Hang the doors on the hinges on the body of the Jeep. Hold the doors straight out to the side of the Jeep and lower them onto the hinges. Close the door to check the fitment and make adjustments as necessary. Use a 7/16-inch wrench to adjust the lower hinge pin on the soft door if fitment is not correct.

    • 5). Insert the upper piece into the lower door if the doors come in two pieces. There are three pins that will secure the top to the bottom of the door. Adjust the fitment collars on the top part of the doors to adjust the door's fitment. Close the door when installation is complete.

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