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Why Is There a Need to Tone Down Your Game?

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You may be enjoying the life of a skilled game setter too much.
However, you must consider some of the negative aspects of being a successful player.
You may not have noticed it but you have been discarding some of your friends for the sake of the game.
Too much gaming can lead to women losing respect for you and this can make you look like a fool.
Before you go out and turn to being a player for life, think of the consequences- you might end up letting the chance to really fall in love pass you by in exchange for being a player.
Having too many options for a real relationship can be a bad thing.
This can limit your chances of finding a girl whom you can put all your specific attention to.
At the beginning, it must make sense to meet a lot of attractive women since you get to benefit from having the player status with your male peers.
You are seen as the ultimate alpha male- the chick magnet.
But are you willing to have this status in exchange for a real relationship? Remember, your youth is something that you cannot hold on for the rest of your life.
Being in whirlwind romance is an experience that could change a man's perception of the game.
But what are the chances of finding the perfect girl if you cannot concentrate your efforts to that one girl who could give you that experience of your life.
If you play too much, girls will see that you as someone they could get to flirt with for a while, but not someone whom they could take home to meet their family.
You might be losing the opportunity to meet the women who could spend a relationship with you for a long-term commitment.
Women like to feel special and if you are faking this, she'll be able to tell right away.
She'll be able to sense that you are just playing with her just like the other girls you have dated.
If you narrow down your options to at least three, you have the chance to follow on your game better.
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