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Weight Loss: Does It Really Have to Be So Hard?

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o I've realized lately, that "weight loss" and "manly men" don't seem to go together, unless it's a bunch of manly men sitting around talking about how much they DON'T want to lose weight, or don't care.

Sadly, though, this is far from the truth. I've been with groups of guys (and gals, actually) who say how much they don't care about their weight, or that they're going to let their body go and that's ok, and all sorts of things. But in private, just about every one of them I've talked to has said they would like to lose weight, or at least not gain any.

This is where it gets hard though. Most of us want to look better, and yet most of us claim to be too busy to eat better, or work out more, or whatever. Even if we're really NOT too busy, the fact we THINK we are is going to keep us from losing those pounds. Right?

Well, after reading all sorts of reviews and trying all sorts of programs, I believe I have found the best program. It has a money back guarantee, but I didn't use it because I actually lost weight! Me! I spend most of my time out and about, but I noticed that as I got past 25, my midsection got a bit more flabby, seemingly by the day.

All the basketball in the world didn't take away my belly fat, and it started creeping up to my man-busoms, but that's much too embarrassing to post. Needless to say, I wanted to be a tough guy and just not eat for 3 days or something, but in the end I decided I had to eat. Food is too delicious to go even an hour without, right?!

Anyways, the program I used is by Joel Marion, and he has worked with Men's Fitness, which I read regularly, so I knew it was going to be credible, not some lame fad diet.

Also, I should note, this has worked incredibly well for women (my wife tried it once she saw my success, and that led to her sister and mom already using it). Even though I probably sound dude-centric on this post, it is most definitely for women too.

So yeah, Joel has been featured in Maximum Fitness, MuscleMag, Woman's Day, FoxNews, etc so I bought into the fact that he knew what he was doing.

In the end, I didn't quite lose the 25 pounds in 25 days he talks about, but I was down about 14 pounds in 3 weeks. I cheated a few times, because on this program you're supposed to eat whatever you want every 5 days, and I did it a little more often.

Still, if a guy like me can change VERY few things in my daily routine and lose 14 pounds, I'd say that's money well spent!
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