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3 Reasons To Learn Judo

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In the realm of martial arts, there are a lot of different styles that you can choose from.
Among the most prominent styles that you can learn in modern times, Judo is one of the best.
If you have ever wanted to start getting better at self-defense in any form, and aren't sure where to begin, consider the art form known as Judo.
The reason why you want to explore this form of defense is because it specializes in close combat throwing.
It also utilizes other people's momentum against them.
This is a great thing for men, women, and children that are most likely going to be targeted.
For a real world example, consider a trip to the ATM.
Picture yourself there and simply going about your business, when someone approaches you from behind and tries to take your money.
What do you do? In this instance, martial arts can save you, by simply following the methods that are taught through Judo instruction.
While it is not recommended to wrestle against a firearm, if you train enough, you can build the confidence to know how to react, and equivocally save your life in the process.
Judo, an often time called Judoka is a form of defense that relies heavily on reactions and actions.
Most of the step-by-step formulas that you can interact with require the momentum of someone else, as you are defending, not attacking.
While there are strikes, and limited mobility options found in the art form, the majority of the methodology is to disarm an opponent, no matter what size they are.
There are 3 official reasons why you would want to learn this type of form, and it's easier than you might think.
The first reason is simple, exercise.
Today, most people are overweight and do not get enough exercise.
Learning this martial art will in fact change that for you and your family.
This form of movement requires all the muscle system to be in perfect harmony, so training becomes crucial to developing in the form.
You will lose weight fast, and strengthen all the core muscle groups with simple training sessions.
The second reason why you want to learn this form is because you will learn how to reduce stress and build confidence.
If you have ever needed an ego boost, you will have it with this amazing system of learning.
You will walk taller, stand stronger, and be able to enjoy the pride that comes from knowing you can walk anywhere, and defend yourself against any obstacle.
The third reason why you will want to learn this method is that it works for everyone.
You don't have to be tall, muscular, athletic, or even fit to learn this type of fighting.
Women, children, men, and even the elderly can strengthen their muscles with Judo, and it's one of the glories of being an expert in this system.
The cost of learning this is cheap.
You can learn by either purchasing a book, getting a dvd, or finding a dojo.
After you learn the first few steps and practice, you will realize that this form is not going to die, any time soon.
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