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List Building - Is It Killing Your Business?

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The Death of Your Business! Are you a struggling online entrepreneur that is not using your time well? Do you find that you are repeatedly checking your emails and then purchasing every new product that is launched every week? You then try to implement the product that you have just purchased and start learning new traffic strategies? Without even mastering one first! STOP! STOP! STOP! You are never going to make it! You must concentrate on, 'Building your List'.
You must do this daily.
You must never, never stop building your list.
• Building your list Do not ever let a day go by where you're not building your list.
The day you stop building your list is the day that your business starts dying.
You must build your list daily.
People lose interest.
They unsubscribe.
They change email addresses.
Your list gets smaller.
So, make sure that you are always building your list.
• Making offers to your list Yes, you are going to have to sell products to your list.
These can be your own products or you can promote other peoples products as an affiliate.
You must get used to asking people for money! The secret to feeling good about offering people products and asking for money, is to make sure that you know that you are offering VALUE.
You have to know in your heart, that what you're providing is worth more than the price you're asking.
• CRAP! You cannot build a stable long term business if you are promoting crap.
People will soon be hitting the unsubscribe button and leaving your list for good.
Always check out what you are promoting.
Only promote products that you truly believe will benefit your list.
• Product creation This is where the, 'Big money' is.
And this is where you can truly step in and help the people on your list.
I find that the easiest way to create a product is to look back and see what problems I have faced and what I have had to do to conquer these problems.
I then create a product that shows other people with the same problem, how easy it is to succeed if they know how! I love doing these products, because I know that most of the people on my list are probably having similar problems • The SECRET! If you want to succeed as an Internet marketer you need to find a crowd of people experiencing that very same problem you overcame and help them to solve it.
Do your market research and make sure that there is already a market there.
Make sure that people are already buying products to help them, as if there's no one making money in the market already, that's a huge warning sign.
Stop deviating.
Make sure that you are always building your list.
Form a relationship with your list and keep on offering them value.
You will succeed.
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