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There Are White Bugs on My Pepper Plants

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    • A number of whitefly species are among the insects likely to infest pepper plants. Whiteflies are 0.06 inch long and yellow with white wings. They typically feed along the undersides of leaves and fly when disturbed.


    • Whiteflies damage plants by sucking plant sap or juice. As they feed, the insects secrete a sticky substance called honeydew, which leads to the development of black sooty mold. This affects the photosynthetic process in the plants. Mold on vegetables makes them unattractive. Severe infestation results in poor, stunted growth, lower yields and defoliation.


    • You can control the population of whiteflies in pepper plants by introducing natural predators like lady beetle larvae, lacewing larvae and bigeyed bugs and keeping the plants clear of weeds and debris. Insecticides with imidacloprid, acetamiprid or pyriproxyfen are effective.

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