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What Makes a Guy Want to Settle Down With You - Become Wife Material in No Time and Get Him

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A good man, as they say, is quite hard to find.
Just take a look at the alarming growth of divorce rate each year! The only solution and fortification against this is to find a worthy man and keep him.
But how do you snag a good man? Be realistic about what you want to become.
You can't be everything to you man.
You will always have flaws but what matters is that you know how to play your assets and highlight them so that your flaws aren't noticed.
Learn about your strengths so that you could develop them and use them to keep your man.
Never ask for perfection.
You are far from perfect so why demand for perfection from your man? Give him a little leeway if he can't be home on time every night.
Don't curse him if he didn't take out the garbage the other night! Just love all his good qualities and learn to forgive him for his shortcomings.
Exemplify honesty in its highest form.
If you want your man to want to settle down with you, then you've got to give him proof that you won't commit infidelity neither tell lies.
Remember that men always seek after an honest woman.
Never lack in compliments.
Always find something that you could appreciate in your man.
You have to constantly assure him that he's the best man for you.
Tell him also how much you enjoy his company.
This should make him feel special and loved.
Prove that you're ready to become his wife.
Becoming one with your man entails many responsibilities.
After all, you don't promise your eternities with a man who you can't live with.
You've got to learn to love him through thick or thin, and until death do you part.
Even if he loses all his money or if he is debilitated by an illness, make sure that you're still there for him - that's what you need to prove if you want him for keeps.
Be his Miss Right.
Though you can't be everything to your man, at least make the extra effort to show your best qualities.
Be his dream girl in every aspect.
Sure, you may fail in some aspects, but all the good qualities that you have will cover for your imperfections.
Let him believe that you're his soul mate.
To be able to do this, you must prove that you already know him inside and out yet you still love him for who he is.
Build wonderful memories with this man.
Let him experience happiness whenever he's with you.
Don't give him pain or bitterness for this man will surely want out if you let him experience these things.
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