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Finding Businesses and Vendors That Support Rugby

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Do you play rugby? Whether you're a fledgling player, old-boy, veteran, or international superstar, you've undoubtedly had this conversation in your head.
"I need ___________, is there anybody on my rugby team that can do it for me?" Why is that? The answer is simple.
Rugby players are traditionally very reliable, hard-workers, and a tight-knit group of people who help each other out.
Also, on almost every team, there is a huge range of professional skills, from highly qualified plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and contractors to CEO's, marketers, financial gurus, and chemical engineers.
Basically, whatever you need, chances are there is a rugby player near by that can get the job done.
The chances are also strong that the help and services received will go above and beyond typical service, and might even cost less.
If only there were a way to seek out ruggers for the jobs we all need done.
Almost every team has a roster with individual occupations of players listed, but the list stops there.
What if there was a convenient way to search by service, location, team, or even individual to find the help you need? With the inception of the new website, the Rugby Business Network, or RBN.
The Rugby Business Network is designed with rugby teams, players, fans, and supporters to find good help from great people, all while giving back to the rugby community.
RBN works like this: 1.
) Rugby supporting businesses join the site for a minimum annual fee 2.
) Businesses agree to donate up to 5% of the profit from all jobs to a rugby club of the consumers choosing 3.
) Consumers search for and hire businesses 4.
) Consumer's favorite team benefit from the transactions 5.
) Everybody wins! It is a simple formula that has worked face to face for many years, but now the Rugby Business Network is allowing rugby supporters to operate worldwide, all while helping out their favorite club.
Next time you have a job to do, search the Rugby Business Network to find the list of local businesses in your area willing to support local rugby!
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