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How to Install an O2 Sensor on a 6-Cylinder Ford E-150 Van

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    • 1). Let the Ford E-150 van cool down. This might take a few hours, but is absolutely necessary when working on the exhaust system so that you don't burn yourself.

    • 2). Start raising the van onto jack stands by lifting up on the front jack point located behind the radiator.

    • 3). Place the jack stands underneath the pinch welds of the vehicle and lower the Ford E-150 van onto the stands.

    • 4). Climb under the van and locate the O2 sensor. These units are located before and after the catalytic converter and look like a plug sticking out of the exhaust piping with an electrical wire running off from it.

    • 5). Unplug the electrical wiring that connects the O2 sensor to the factory wiring harness.

    • 6). Remove the O2 sensor with an O2 sensor tool by turning the sensor counterclockwise and pulling it out of the exhaust.

    • 7). Place a small amount of anti-seize compound on the new O2 sensor threads and thread the sensor back into the bung. Installation is the reverse of removal.

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