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Soothing Colour Combinations For Your Home

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Every home is distinctive and tells its own story. Some people are able to communicate their ideas within their abode well while some struggle to get the desired look especially the ones with subtle tastes. If you think a theme revolving around light colours would end up looking dull or lifeless, you need to think about it all over again. Below we have discussed a few ways in which you can make the most of light colours and add the required sheen to your home.

Choose the right hues: The look of your home depends a lot on the colours you accommodate in it. Hence choosing the tones wisely is crucial. To begin with, list down the hues you want to experiment with, and a theme that goes well with them. If you love winter and its colours, white, off-white, pale yellow, mint green will go perfectly if and if you want to keep a sophisticated approach light blue, mauve, pink can make you achieve the desired results. Light colours if not used in the right manner can look dull which you will never want, use them in moderation. A center wall painted with a cream hue will not look appealing enough; hint of a dark tone bordering the wall will instantly brighten up. This way you can work with bold and subtle colours at the same time without going over the top. Choosing the apt colour will not end your task, you also need to make sure your paint compliments your home walls, which is where your second step begins.

Pick the apt paint, its type and finish: Together the colour, quality and finish of your wall paint will give you great after results so be sure to choose them after a detailed research. First look for a trusted paint manufacturer and their environment friendliness. Lead free paints are considered to be safe for home painting as they do not emit harmful elements that can cause serious health problems and even increase the carbon footprint. The next step is to choose the type of paint, these are broadly classified into oil and water based. Water based paints are easy to clean, come in many varieties of finish and can be used to paint different surfaces. Choosing a light-colored theme will make cleaning a frequent task for you, water based paints will only ease your job and prove durable too. Post this, settling for the right paint-finish is a crucial part. Some rooms of your home may demand a gloss finish, which helps light reflect better and also adds to enhances the paint hue, while in some rooms you would want matte finish and are apt for bathrooms and areas that are surrounded by water since they have a comparatively higher resistance to water and do not chip or develop cracks easily.

Once you are through with the colour selection and the paint choice, the paint application task can follow. Be patient and in this stage until the entire painting job is completed and only then think about moving the furniture and accessorizing your abode. Home walls are the backdrop of your interiors and when they are looking their best, you can dress up your home in the best possible ways.
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