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How to Make a "Superman Returns" Logo on Photoshop

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    Making the Diamond-Shaped Crest

    • 1). Launch Photoshop and create a new document by pressing “Ctrl" and "N” on the keyboard. Set the height and width at 600 pixels each. Select “RGB Color” from the "Color Mode" menu and “Transparent” from the "Background Contents" menu. Click “OK.”

    • 2). Click the “Foreground Color” icon in the Toolbox, type “690900” in the Color Picker’s “#” field and click “OK.” Repeat this for the background color, setting it at "#C79300."

    • 3). Select the Rectangle Tool from the Toolbox. Drag the tool across the screen while holding down the “Shift” key to make a large red rectangle.

    • 4). Click the “Edit” menu, select “Transform” and click “Rotate.” Click a corner of the square and rotate it 90 degrees while holding down the “Shift” key.

    • 5). Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool from the Toolbox. Drag the tool across the top corner of the square. Press “Delete,” transforming the square into a shield. Press “Ctrl" and "D” to remove the marquee outline.

    • 6). Select the Move Tool from the Toolbox and click the shield. Press “Ctrl" and "C” to copy it, then “Ctrl" and "V” to paste a copy on the image.

    • 7). Click the arrow between the foreground and background color icons in the Toolbox. Select the Paint Bucket Tool and click the top shield to change its color.

    • 8). Reduce the size of the second shield to 80 percent by selecting “Transform” from the “Edit” menu and clicking “Scale.” Type “76” in both the "Height" and "Width" fields in the Options Bar at the top of the screen. Press “Enter,” then drag the shield so it is in the center of the red shield.

    Adding the "S"

    • 1). Select the Horizontal Type Tool from the Toolbox. Drag the tool across the whole canvas to create a large text box. Select “Century” from the "Font" menu in the Options Bar and type “400” in the "Font Size" menu. Type the letter “S.”

    • 2). Drag the S so the top is within the yellow in the shield. Select “Rastersize” from the “Layer” menu then click the “Type” option. Select “Free Transform” from the “Edit” menu and drag the corners so the top of the “S” fits within the inside edges of the shield. Press “Enter.”

    • 3). Select “Transform” from the “Edit” menu and click “Perspective.” Drag the bottom corners towards the center to reduce the size of the bottom of the letter.

    • 4). Continue to scale and adjust the perspective of the “S” until it fits the shield. The bottom of the “S” may appear quite thin at the end of this process. Select the Lasso from the Toolbox and trace around the bottom, then copy and paste it. Drag the copied bottom to make it thicker. Select “Merge Visible” from the "Layers" menu when finished shaping the letter.

    • 5). Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool from the Toolbox. Notice there is a notch on the bottom portion of the top of the "S." Drag the tool across this notch, the press "Ctrl" and "X" to cut it off. Press "Ctrl" and "D" to remove the marquee lines that remain after cutting.

    Shading and Highlights

    • 1). Click the “New Layer” button at the bottom of the "Layers" panel. If you can’t see the "Layers" panel, you can find it by pressing "F7." Add your shading and highlights to this layer.

    • 2). Click the “Foreground Color” swatch in the Toolbox and change it to black. Use the Brush Tool from the Toolbox to draw shadows on the underside of each curve of the “S.”

    • 3). Change the foreground color to white and use the Brush Tool to highlight the top of the shield and the top of the curves in the “S.”

    • 4). Select the Smudge Tool from the Toolbox to blend the edges of the black shadows and white highlights into the red behind it.

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