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Different Kinds of Collars for Dogs

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Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures.
They may not have a superior brain as compared to the human beings such as us but one cannot negate the keenness and sharpness with which they learn everything that they are taught.
That is the main reason why people domesticate dogs and why they make such great pets.
It is this reason for which they have been bred as the best friends of people.
They can be trusted with children and adults.
They can be trained to do almost everything.
We often see collars in the necks of dogs.
These collars initially signified that they are domesticated and owned by someone.
This was important in the times that the dog catchers were at large.
The collar kept the catchers from picking these dogs up and taking them away to the pound.
However the age old collar has had plenty of evolution and a few changes.
Now days, you can purchase collars to help train your dogs.
Different dogs are bred for different reasons.
They perform different tasks.
For example, the Newfoundland is bred to help humans with water rescue and also to help the ships.
Saint Bernard's were bred primarily for snow rescue.
German shepherds are shepherding dogs and are used to look after cattle etc.
Collars available today also include the bark collars.
Bark collars are those that have an electronic sound box and are used to train dogs to do specific jobs.
Every time the dog performs a task that has been commanded to it and does the task well, the collar makes a pleasing sound.
At other times when the dog is disobedient the collar makes an unfriendly sound.
Due to their sharp intelligence the dog realizes instantly that his actions are not taken in the best favors.
This is an excellent method to train your dog.
There are various other collars such as the choke collar or choke chain.
There is the gentle lead or a kind of harness for training dogs that are not very good with leash walking.
These leashes are made especially to train the dogs with convenience and minimal effort.
They all follow the positive reinforcement method.
They can be purchased at all pet stores or dog supplies stores.
They can also be purchased over the internet via internet shopping.
For people who are interested in the different collars available, the internet has plenty of advice to satisfy your needs.
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