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How to Learn Urdu Script

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    • 1). Copy an Urdu alphabet chart from the Internet. Columbia University's Professor Frances Pritchett has a web page for Urdu that has one such chart, and Omniglot.com offers a more detailed image on its Urdu page (see References and Resources). Copy this chart regularly onto your own paper by hand, remembering to work from right to left.

    • 2). Learn the names of the letters as you write them. Repeat the sounds they make after you say the name.

    • 3). Study the methods to connect the letters. Columbia University's Urdu page has a lesson on this. Hugo's Urdu Alphabet Pages website provides charts to show how to form letters by themselves, at the beginning, in the middle of and at the end of a word (see Resources). This will help you see the different forms letters can take in different parts of a word.

    • 4). Learn the diacritical marks used in Urdu. These will help you to read and pronounce Urdu correctly. A helpful tutorial is located on the Ukindia Urdu website (see Resources).

    • 5). Write words from Urdu texts. Some online Urdu news sites and other sources of online Urdu text are available on the Omniglot.com Urdu web page. Sound out the words as you write them.

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