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How Do I Fix My Xbox 360? Try These 4 Simple Inexpensive Tricks to Fix Your Console

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Are you one of the many Xbox 360 owners wondering "how do I fix my Xbox 360"? That doesn't surprise me, because according to recent information, over 10% of all Xbox systems manufacture fail at some point or another.
Well stop fretting and use these 4 simple tricks that I used to fix my Xbox 360.
Trick 1 - Cost: $5 I call this the cleanup fix.
That's because your console is probably covered in dust.
Dust acts like an insulator and will cause your Xbox console to overheat.
What you want to do is take your console outside and clean it off with pressurized air.
You can usually buy a can of this at a computer shop or your local Wal-mart for about 5 bucks.
Trick 2 - Cost: $0-$20 If that doesn't work, another method that I've seen work on other 360 consoles is by investing in a cooling system.
These usually cost about 20 dollars, but they help get the excess heat out of your console so it doesn't overheat and cause 3 blinking red lights.
If you can't afford a cooling system, simply point a house fan on your console.
Trick 3 - Cost: $0 OK, these tricks will help you decide the severity of the Xbox 360 trouble.
All you need to do is stop playing it for about 30 minutes to an hour.
This doesn't cost a dime and will give your console a chance to cool off and let the solder and circuit boards inside of the system settle (heat causes materials to expand, stretch, and sometimes break).
After about an hour, turn your console on again and see what happens.
Trick 4 - Cost: $29 So you're still getting Xbox 360 problems? Whether it's graphical distortion, the E74 error, or the red ring of death, this trick has proved to fix consoles over and over.
And no, it's not sending it back to Microsoft to have them repair your Xbox 360.
It's buying an Xbox 360 repair guide.
Using household tools you can use an Xbox 360 repair guide that actually shows you how to take the console apart and fix the root cause of 99% of Xbox 360 errors: Heat.
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