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Healthy Afternoon Snacks Kids Will Love

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On most occasions, kids are hungry when they come home from school.
Immediately after they get home, they head to the refrigerator to see what they can eat.
Kids will not always choose to eat healthy snacks unless they are easily accessible.
The following article will give a few ideas for healthy afternoon snacks most kids will love.
Instead of having bags of chips and snack cakes on hand, it is important to provide your child with several healthy alternatives to eat when they get home from school.
Fruits and vegetables are not always appealing the children.
However, when some sort of vegetable or fruit dip is made available, such as soy ranch dressing or peanut butter, children will be more likely to make a healthy choice.
Soy yogurt cups are another healthy snack idea that is often popular with kids.
You can get these jell-o cups in a wide variety of flavors.
They also come with fruit mixed in, and without fruit.
Most kids love soy yogurt, and it is much more healthy for them than cookies or pies.
When kids come home from school and want to have a snack, soy pudding cups can make great treats.
Low fat pudding contains less fat and sugar than candy or chips.
There are many different flavors of pudding.
Your child is sure to enjoy at least one.
Try to avoid things with dairy, as statistics show that many children have dairy allergies that can come out in a variety of ways, even seasonal and dog/cat allergies can be triggered by dairy intolerance.
Microwave popcorn is a quick and easy afternoon snack that does not contain a lot of fat and sugar.
Children also enjoy the fact they can make themselves this snack without any assistance.
Some brands of microwave popcorn are cheaper than the average bag of chips and are healthier for children to eat.
Granola bars are a healthy alternative to snack cakes.
There are so many different types of granola bars that more and more children actually prefer them over snack cakes.
Some varieties are even made with low fat chocolate chips! Most kids want to have a snack in the afternoon, at some point between lunch and dinner.
While there are all kinds of chips and snack cakes manufacturers hope parents will buy, there are also some healthier alternatives.
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