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Picking The Right Domain Name For Your Successful Internet Business

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No one will take you seriously if you do not have a website and a domain name of your own.

Sure, your website can be like this www. Your name. freewebsite.com
What the 1st thing you see when you see a link like this? It a FREE site and it can disappear at ANY TIME! In other word, this link show that it is a "fly by night" internet business.

When you have your own website and domain name you are 100% in control of your webpage. People know you are SERIOUS about your business.

Your domain name should be about YOU! You are promoting YOU not your business. When your visitors gets to know you and you introduce the internet business to your visitors they know you have APPROVED and trust you and will join under you. That's why my site has my name on it. The reason it has my name on it because it is about ME promoting MY business.

Salesperson who sells car knows it not about selling the cars. A good salesperson makes you comfortable, easy to chat with, knowledgeable about the products you are thinking about buying. Once they are comfortable with the salesperson then they will buy.
If a produce sell itself there would be no needs for salesperson.

You might be thinking hey store manager aren't salespeople in a way they are. They make sure the stores are stocked, clean and well managed. Shoppers do look at the manager and see that he is clean and know that the stores are clean.

When you introduce a product your customers already know you and already set a good rapport with you. They know you will deliver what they say they will deliver other wise it can be "bye" and you lose your customers real FAST.

Remember, it is about you. How you present yourself. How you promote yourselves is what sells your products.
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