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Ways to Use Seafoam

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    Seafoam Motor Treatment

    • The motor treatment frees sticky lifters, lubricates rings, and removes gum and varnish deposits. Seafoam recommends the motor treatment for two- or four-cycle engines or for diesel engines. The treatment is added either to the fuel or to the oil, depending on the problem area. For gasoline engines, the motor treatment can be used for either carbonated or fuel-injected engines.

    Deep Creep

    • Deep Creep is a deep penetrating oil, designed to free up rusted parts or frozen assemblies. It comes in an aerosol can, and the Seafoam Company states that the can will spray even upside-down. This is a convenience feature, since you can spray difficult to reach crevices. Seafoam states the lubricant is also useful for gun cleaning, fishing reels, and any other application where a deep penetrating oil is required.

    Trans Tune

    • Trans Tune is a transmission treatment, designed to deeply lubricate an automatic transmission. The Seafoam Company states it smooths out hard or "bumpy" shifting. The product is also claimed to remove moisture and varnish deposits from the transmission. Trans Tune is recommended for automatic transmissions, agricultural equipment and hydraulic pumping systems. The Seafoam Company notes that Trans Tune is not a leak stopper, since it does not swell transmission seals. The company further notes it does not damage transmission seals.

    Bugs B Gone

    • Bugs B Gone is a exterior cleanser, designed to remove bugs and road tar from car bodies. It comes in a spray bottle, like window cleaners or surface cleaners. The company states its will not attack, or "eat," into paint, plastic, or chromed surfaces. You spray it on, and allow it to sit on the surface for about 30 seconds and wipe it off. It can also be used on windshields to remove road dust and grime.

    Sea Foam Spray

    • Sea Foam Spray is a carburetor and fuel injection cleaner. You spray it directly into the intake of the engine while the engine is running. The Seafoam Company claims it will dissolve varnish and gum deposits, effectively cleaning out the entire fuel system. It can be used on both two- and four-cycle engines, and it will not harm oxygen sensors.

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