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Golf Swing Aids That Will Work

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It seems like golf swing aids are everywhere you look these days. Golf swing aids are at your club, the local retailer and with the invention of an infomercial on TV! All mainstream golfers have at least one of these golf swing aids somewhere that the significant has threatened them with. Sound familiar?

Just as the hundreds of dollars of scrap-booking materials sit in the extra bedroom, sometimes our newest golf swing aids are bought with the best of intentions. I am just kidding you ladies! Whether the contraption does not fit correctly or it is going to take longer than you have to spend to make the improvements, the golf swing aids eventually find their way to a corner of the garage or a dark closet.

Are we trying to take the easy way out or are we just enthralled with the thought our golf swing could actually get fixed? Whatever the answer, as a group we throw millions of dollars a year with the thought that we will get better.

The main reason most golf swing aids do not help us is because we (yes I said we) are not working on what is the actual cause of the swing fault. Whether we like it or not, our bodies will dictate the outcome of our golf shots! Depending on our flexibility, strength and balance, these three factors will determine more of the ball flight characteristics than you think.

How many times have you wished you could make a bigger backswing? How many times did you have a good front nine only to blow up on the back nine and shoot your normal score? How often do you walk off the course with a sore back after trying to make that bigger turn? All of these results are caused by the "physical issues" within your very own body.

When putting together your golf training program for the New Year, there are a couple of golf swing aids that are very effective. One is the Complete Golf Gym System. The Complete Golf Gym System will increase your upper body strength, improve your balance and posture as well as strengthens your core muscles.

Another good golf swing aid that will improve your body as well is a weighted golf club like the Golf Gym Club 28 (about 1.75 pounds) or Golf Gym Club 38 (about 2.4 pounds). This type of club can be used for multiple functions such as increasing your range of motion, strength training and improving your balance. In addition, you can use this club to improve your chipping!

I liken our infatuation with golf swing aids to the multi-billion diet industry. If we as a society are spending multi-billions of dollars a year on diet pills, why are we still gaining weight every year? We are not working on ourselves. We are expecting the magic little pill to give us the results we want. Using golf training aids that are specific to your golf swing challenges with some work will make you a better player. It is kind of like the exercise part in the diet and exercise routine.
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