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Affiliate Marketing Advice - Tricks to Become a Super Affiliate

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As an affiliate marketer getting affiliate marketing advice is great, but it doesn't happen very often.
I learned very quickly that nobody was going to help me when I first started and I promised myself if I ever reached a point where I could afford to help others I would and that time is now.
I have included 3 tricks to become a super affiliate that you may already have heard before, but I want to give you a little more detail since most people don't give any details at all.
Build a list - I know you have heard this before and this is by far the most important item you can have as an affiliate marketer and the reason is because nobody can take your list away from you, once you build it it's yours.
The trick to building a big list of targeted prospects is to set up 3 things.
The things you need to set up is a squeeze page, a lightbox on a website and a sidebar opt-in.
These 3 things together are what will get you the biggest list.
One of the things I have found to work very well is to create a standalone squeeze page and offer a free gift such as an eBook on your topic.
Doing this and promoting the page using article marketing is a great way to get a bunch of targeted and free traffic.
Create multiple sites - Doing this is very important when it comes to promote a product and the reason is because creating multiple sites is a great way to reach more and more people.
Just think about this, the more sites you have on multiple topics just means the more products you can promote.
I try to have at least 3 sites for each topic that way I can maximize my time and also get more sales.
Another reason I do this is so I can test to see which products sell better and why.
Use Hubpages or Squidoo - The reason I say use Hubpages or Squidoo is because they allow you to directly link to affiliate products and in doing so you can test to see which products sell better at the same time as actually making sales without even having your own site.
For me using both of these is a process, I promote different products on both and I never promote any of the same products on my sites.
Once I find out that a product on Hubpages gets really good conversions I will promote that on my site and see how it stack up against what I already have.
In reality the entire thing is just a big testing method which at the same time will bring in some sales here and there.
If you can follow these 3 tricks then you will have no problem becoming a super affiliate over time.
If you would like to learn more and even get your hands on my 24 video affiliate marketing course then click here.
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