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What Is a Soil Compactor?

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    Static Force

    • Static force compactors simply apply weight to the soil, using either smooth rollers or padded rollers (which are covered with small projections, called pads, that penetrate and kneed the soil for improved compaction). This type of compaction is effective for surface soil, though deeper soil remains unaffected.


    Vibratory Force

    • Vibratory force uses a rapid series of impacts, usually delivered by a flat plate situated beneath the vibrating machine, to create a downward force in excess of the static weight of the compactor. In addition, the vibration penetrates the soil and allows vibratory compactors to affect material beneath the surface.

    Usage Considerations

    • Soil compactors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each is intended for a particular application. Clay requires a different compaction method than asphalt, and sand in a trench might require a different compactor than sand in the open air. Be sure to consider these factors carefully when choosing a machine.

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