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Are You Homeschooling a High School Student? - Take Your Coat!

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Every mother says it to her child.
"Take your coat!" In fact, we will usually give our best advice when kids start driving.
"Take your coat! Make sure you have extra money for gas! Get a blanket in the car in case you get stuck!" In some areas of the country, when you miss those things in winter it can be a life-threatening mistake.
Yes, parents give good advice.
And then there is Jesus.
When Jesus sent out his disciples in Luke 9:1-6, he gives completely different advice - polar opposite from parental encouragement.
He told them: "Take nothing for the journey-no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra tunic.
" Luke 9:3, NIV This is not the advice that I would give.
In fact, I get teased all the time for over-packing and over-preparing.
What must the mothers of the disciples think? Did they feel like it was great to follow Jesus except when it contradicted their advice? It is easy for parents to think their advice is the result of God's calling.
Yet when children become adults they have to hear God's calling for themselves.
A parent who has been called to entrepreneurship may believe their children will be called in the same way.
Instead, God may call them to a completely different adult experience.
Children may be called to college, even if the parent has not been called to college.
Even though some people may not consider college "good advice" like taking a coat with you is good advice, it may in your child's future.
That is why I believe that college preparation is always advantageous.
It helps us to be prepared (I told you I get teased about that!) By preparing your homeschooler for college, your children will be ready to take that step if called by the Lord - even when that goes against your best advice! Our advice is not always the same as the Lord's advice.
Isn't that marvellous?
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