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How to Troubleshoot a JVC TV Av-32260

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    • 1). Check that the antenna or coaxial cable, depending on your means of receiving signal, is securely attached.

    • 2). Confirm that the input is set correctly. Press the "Input" button on the remote to navigate through the different input options. Choose TV for antenna or cable and Video 1, 2, or 3 for other devices, such as DVD players and VCRs.

    • 3). Perform an automatic tuner setup so the television knows what stations are active and which to skip over. Press the "Menu" button on your remote. Using the four arrow buttons to navigate, highlight "Auto Tuner Setup." Choose "Operate" and then "Cable" or "Air." Select "Start" to begin programming the television. This will take one to two minutes to complete.

    Remote Control Problems

    • 1). Change the batteries in case they are no longer working with two new "AA" batteries.

    • 2). Ensure that the batteries are inserted correctly.

    • 3). Clear anything that may be blocking the remote's path the TV.

    • 4). Move closer to the television. The remote must be within 23 feet.

    Turning Itself Off

    • 1). Verify the television did not become unplugged.

    • 2). Check if the On/Off Timer is set. Press the "Menu" button the remote and choose "On/Off Timer" to see if you currently have a timer set. If you do, select "Off" or adjust your settings as necessary.

    • 3). Turn off the "Sleep Timer" if it is currently set. The sleep timer can turn the television off after you have fallen asleep and is programmed in intervals of 15 minutes, up to a three-hour delay. Press the "Sleep Timer" button on the remote to cycle through these intervals. When you reach zero, the Sleep Timer is off.

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