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Important Advice in Buying a Wood Burning Stove

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A lot of people are looking to save money in their home budgets by cutting down on the amount they have to spend on heating their homes.
Its hard to turn down the thermostat when your kids or your significant other is huddled in the corner shivering, so it makes sense to explore options besides home heating oil or electric baseboard heat.
If you want to heat your home with wood, you have a choice of either an airtight wood stove, a pellet burning stove or a simple box stove.
There are pros and cons to each type, with people having their own personal preferences.
The box stove type, uses more wood than the others, but they don't cost as much when you have to buy them at the stove dealer.
Airtight stoves are great with their high efficiency, but their price tags are quite a bit higher than box stoves.
Pellet stoves (which burn compressed pellets of sawdust or wood chips) have recently come into popular use.
They give out steady, even heat, but the controls that operate them won't work if the power goes out.
Since there are some issues when it comes to box stoves and pellet burners, you may want to concentrate on the purchase of stove that is airtight.
This kind has an airtight firebox and a very well fitting door.
The damper for the air intake is controlled by hand or can also be controlled by the thermostat.
The damper is the part that controls the amount of air that gets into the firebox and this in turn determines how fast or slow the wood gets burned up.
An airtight stove lets you burn wood slowly without having to pay constant attention to the amount of wood in your stove.
The disadvantage is that you get a lot more creosote which you will have to clean off the the chimney and flue pipes.
The heating efficiency rating is determined by the stove manufacturer by testing full loads of seasoned cord wood.
The available heat and heat transfer efficiency are tested in calorimeter rooms equipped with temperature sensors.
The degree changes in the room and flue are monitored during test fires to determine how much of the heat is delivered into the room, as compared to the heat lost up the flue.
Airtight stoves are the most efficient in terms of getting the most heat from a given amount of wood.
They give you a pretty good cost savings and help cut your fuel bill.
So it makes sense that if cost savings are what you are looking for and if you are also looking for a wood stove which is kind to the atmosphere, then an airtight stove will probably suit the bill for you.
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