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When You Are Spiritually Weaned, You Should No Longer Be Making the Same Spiritual Messes

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I have stilled and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with its mother, like a weaned child is my soul within me.
These are among the moving opening words of Psalm 131.
Do reach for your Bible and read it.
It could be subtitled, "Finding our true self".
It is like moving on a class.
It is like moving on into Class 5, but before you can move into Class 5 you have to complete and leave class 4! To do this and to reach this point spiritually, God will wean you from one experience and on to another.
These Psalms 120 to 134 are called Songs of Ascent.
They are songs used by the people of God as they climbed the slopes of Jerusalem on their way to worship, they are also a series of remarkable and revealing spiritual steps as we grow and mature.
This is why we have to remain pliable in the Hands of God and flexible, changeable, open to change and moving on and progressing and maturing in Christ, as we learn how to overcome.
Leave Class 4 before attempting to move into Class 5.
There was nothing wrong with Class 4.
It is just that you have outgrown that now.
There can be a sin of feeling that we are a little bit special in the eyes of God.
It is quite common, and He always has to move us on from that type of immature thinking.
We are moved on from past experiences and from past ministry, and from always doing things this way or that way, and such a time can be hard and sore.
Finding our true selves; when God speaks to us about changing it can be frightening and terrifying.
And why? Because we have to trust at some new level and at some new depth and perhaps even take greater risks.
Class 5 is usually a little harder than Class 4! More is expected of us, but all the time we are finding our true selves.
When you are weaned, you no longer take in the same food, nor the same way, nor the same amount.
You are becoming what God has designed you to be in the body of Christ, in the Church of Jesus Christ, in the Kingdom of God.
There are some things you cannot do, and you realise that.
No matter how much the eye would like to hear, it cannot.
The eye needs the ear.
When we read I Samuel Chapter 18 verses 12 to 15, we learn related lessons.
If the man who has the anointing does not know how to behave he won't be around for very long.
Know how to behave in the body of Christ and in the Church of Jesus Christ.
King Saul didn't behave and Saul saw that David did know how to behave, and then Saul realised he had a problem.
There also came a day when David almost, almost, lost the anointing of God, and he prayed that God would be merciful to him and not take the Holy Spirit from him.
That is one of the main problems Paul deals with in I Corinthians Chapter 14.
When you come into the anointing of God and when you come into the anointing of the Holy Spirit, it is possible to become careless, and we never discover and find our true selves and our true ministry.
The last day of a Tour in Israel, which was a free day, I always found was quite a dangerous day, as people became careless and myself included.
There is an enemy who would want to rob us of what we have in Christ Jesus, and it is possible for any one of us to become careless.
By being weaned, we learn where to get spiritual food.
We learn where to go when we are spiritually hungry, when we need guidance, and when we require help and ministry of some kind.
We learn the lessons and move on in our walk with God, and a degree of greater maturity should reveal itself, because we are weaned.
We are no longer making a mess and causing a scene and dribbling our food all down our front, because now we are weaned.
It is all right for the parent to say to the visitor, "Please excuse our child.
He is only eight months old.
" But there is something wrong if he is still messing up when he is 84 months old.
The spiritual parallel is equally valid and true.
Sandy Shaw
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