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How to Remove the Spare and Change the Tire on a Plymouth Voyager

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    • 1). Locate the lug wrench and jack. Open the rear cargo hatch and lift the carpet back to reveal the spare tire lowering bolt.

    • 2). Place the lug wrench on the bolt and turn it clockwise until the tire is on the ground. Remove the cable from the center of the rim by turning the end of the cable upright. Pull it through the center of the rim. Remove the tire from under the vehicle. Remove the hubcap from the flat tire and use the lug wrench to loosen the wheel's lug nuts.

    • 3). Place the jack under the vehicle at a lift point on the pinch weld of the vehicle's undercarriage. Raise the vehicle. Use the lug wrench to remove the lug nuts from the wheel studs. Slide the tire and rim off the hub assembly.

    • 4). Place the spare tire onto the hub assembly with the valve stem facing out. Install the lug nuts snugly.

    • 5). Lower the jack and remove it from the vehicle.

    • 6). Place the flat tire under the vehicle to reinstall the cable. Place the lug wrench on the cable nut inside the vehicle and turn it counterclockwise to raise the tire until it touches the underside of the vehicle.

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