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12 Questions To Answer Before You Create A Website

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As with any marketing activity, before you rush into having your website built, you should know why you are doing it.
Answering these following questions may help you clarify your objectives.
Have you conducted a thorough review of your competitors' websites to see what you like and what you don't like? 2.
Reality check: Given the kind of websites you like, do you really have the budget to achieve them or do you need to lower your expectations? (Custom designed websites range anywhere $AU4000 to $AU30,000 depending on their functionality, and this doesn't include professional copywriting) 3.
What do you want your website to achieve for your business? Generate leads? Earn revenue? 4.
If it for lead generation, what sort of information do you want to capture and how automated do you want your database to be? Do you give customers a good reason (like a free bonus or incentive) to give you their email address? 5.
Do you want to feature suppliers and joint promotion partners on your site? If so, who and where? 6.
Who will be responsible for maintaining and monitoring the website within your business? 7.
Do you have all the information you need to include on the site or do you need to hire a professional copywriter to generate this information for you? 8.
How much new information will be added to the website, how often and by whom? 9.
Do you want a content management system to enable you to update information on your site in-house? 10.
Who will answer enquiries generated from the site and will the email address be monitored at least daily? 11.
Do you want people to find your website organically when they enter key words? If so, do you know what key words people use when searching for your business? 12.
Do you plan to regularly examine your position on each of the search engines to determine if you are in the top 10 selections based on keyword searches?
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