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That Which Does Not Kill Us, Makes Us Stronger

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The saying says "that which does not kill us, makes us stronger.
" Times are though, not just now, but anytime.
Tragedy can strike many people all at once, or a single person at a time.
Big tragedies and little tragedies have one thing in common: they show the strength and character of the people who have to go through them.
If you are having a tough time and struggling and you don't want anyone to know, then they can't assist you.
And, if you know that someone is having a tough time and struggling but you don't reach out to help them, then you are not showing very strong character.
It might be tough to reach out a hand to assist someone, but know this: sometimes it is that much tougher to be the one who is asking for the help.
Sometimes you have to suck it up and dig deep to be able to say, I need you, to anyone.
When a big tragedy occurs, no matter where in the world it happens, the prompt response from practically everyone is to give help and comfort and support.
But, after a few days or a few weeks, when the initial shock wears off, some of that support starts to dry up.
It is challenging to give continued support, especially to someone half the world away.
But, that is when they need the most help - when they are in the procedure of rebuilding.
And that is when it is the hardest to ask for the support.
They have already received help in various forms.
The crisis is basically over.
But, the rebuilding takes a lot of time, money and effort.
So, how does this apply to the marketer? Imagine that you have built an entire campaign, your network is in place and things are going well, except for one key component.
Everything falls apart and you fail, miserably.
You go back and look at things and try to be objective but it is hard knowing how badly you have failed and that you are not sure of what you did wrong.
For some people, it would seem just so much easier to walk away and go back to the gray flannel, button down world and play it safe.
That is when you suck it up, dig deep and ask someone, anyone to assist you figure out where you went wrong and to get your network back on track.
Requesting for help does not ever make you weak- it means that you are smart enough to know that you can't do this on your own.
Reaching out takes more strength than most people give themselves credit for.
Be strong.
Learn from your mistakes, learn from others and then do better next time.
What do you think...
let me know, I'd love to hear from you.
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