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The "Man Hater" - Single Women in Nightclubs

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Why in the hell these single women go to nightclubs I'll never be able to figure out.
Because of some negative experiences with the opposite sex and because they have been hurt, they think all men are bastards.
These single women will just sit there with a stone face, rejecting any glances from the opposite sex.
If you approach them and try to start up a conversation, they give you a go to hell look that says, "Go away creep.
" No matter what approach you use, how good-looking you are, or how friendly you act, you will be rejected.
A lot of these women subconsciously gain immense pleasure out of putting men down.
Some will even tell you to go to hell or get lost if you ask them to dance or just by trying to start up a conversation with them.
I'm just glad this type of put down does not happen very often.
Usually, women do not object to a man approaching them if it is done properly without some repulsive come-on line.
If you run into this type of woman, whatever you do, DON'T try to get even with her by putting her down and showing anger towards her.
She loves that and there is nothing she would like better than to see you get bent out of shape.
By making you un-happy, it makes her happy to see men suffer.
Simply ignore her rejection towards you and move on to the next available woman.
Fortunately, you will not run into many women like this.
There's plenty of women who want to meet and mingle with men.
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