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How to Paint Black Walls

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    • 1). Make sure your walls are well prepared. Chips and impressions will show up easily on black painted walls. Make your walls smooth or add a texture coat. Any textures should be intentional.

    • 2). Use a mat black paint over your prepared, finished walls. Gloss or semi-gloss paint will highlight any imperfections.

    • 3). Paint one wall at a time. Most rooms will benefit from having only one or two walls painted black. Too much black wall space can become over-powering.

    • 4). Leave ceilings white or light-colored since a dark ceiling will appear lower and more claustrophobic.

    • 5). Accent black walls with white or light colored trim, wall hangings, fixtures or other white or contrasting décor so the black becomes a backdrop.

    • 6). Use light colors or metallics to furnish a black-walled room. Again, contrast can use the black wall to its best advantage.

    • 7). Remember that painting over a black wall will require several coats for full coverage, so make sure you know which wall(s) you want to paint before experimenting.

    • 8). Black walls can create elegance in a living room. Try a black and white bedroom for sophisticated romance, or go high-tech in a kitchen with glossy appliances, stainless steel and black. Even a bathroom can become a work of art with a black wall and brightly colored furniture and accents. Black can be an effective element in interior design. Use it carefully and wisely and you can paint walls black and transform and ordinary room into something spectacular!

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