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How to Make Chests in "Minecraft"

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Crafting Individual Chests

Gather at least eight wooden planks; it doesn't matter what kind of wood. Interact with the crafting table to open the grid. Leaving the center square blank, put a wooden plank in the remaining eight squares, fulfilling the recipe for the chest. When you place the chest, you can interact with it in the same way as you do the crafting table, revealing 27 empty slots of extra storage space.

Creative Ways to Use Chests

If you put two chests next to each other on the ground, they'll convert into a large chest; a large chest has a single 54-square grid for storage. Alternatively, you can take your storage on the go. Combining a chest with a mine cart creates a chest with wheels, giving it the ability to use railroad tracks; this makes it easier to store treasures you find when you explore far away from home.
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