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Make Your Trip to France a Memorable One

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France is one of the most sought after destination in Europe and there are many amazing attractions which makes France one of the most favorite destinations in Europe.
It is considered as a tourist paradise due to it unique landscape which consists of high end city like Paris, beaches, snow capped Alps Mountain etc.
Paris is also known as the fashion city of the world and once can have a good look at the latest fashion trends in Paris.
Recently, a friend of mine visited France and it was like his long time dream come true.
He had heard about the majestic land of France and since then he had it in his mind to visit France when he gets the necessary money.
Recently he participated in a lucky draw and won the first price.
It was a cash price and he felt that this amount was enough to visit his favorite country France.
But since he was not in a good financial state, he had to curb many things to reduce the expenses.
By reducing the expenses he had admitted that he missed out on many things that one should not miss at any cost in France.
He had seen France only through the television and books and he never missed any opportunity to watch or read anything that is related to France.
Such was his passion for this country and he was over the moon when he got the money that would at least help him travel across France.
Since he had a valid passport, he didn't have any problem visiting France.
He contacted a local travel agent to arrange the tickets and accommodation.
He planned a 4 day tour and packed his luggage with necessary items that is required for a trip.
The necessary items included his dress, his handy cam, lap top, mobile chargers, travel documents, a first aid kit etc.
Meanwhile he also made a internet research about the landscape of France and the major tourist attractions.
This helped him to make a rough plan of his tour itinerary and he made sure that his tour finished within 4 days.
He made a list of the places to visit and prioritized them based on their importance.
He also planned the amount of time that he should spend of each major tourist attractions in France.
He didn't forget to make a research on some of the budget hotels in France which suited his financial status.
He also made sure that he could reach his travel destination easier by staying in these hotels.
After making a thorough research on the hotels he made online bookings in three of them.
Since he was not in a position to spend lavishly, he decided not to hire a local travel guide who could assist him throughout his tour.
He was quite aware about the fact the he would face some difficulty in handling French speaking community if he goes without a local guide.
But as a part of curbing his expenses he decided to manage it by himself and he also decided to learn French online by himself He researched and found out some good online tools that helped him to learn French in a short span of time.
In a short span of time (12 days), even though he didn't achieve complete master over French language he learned the basics language that would become handy for his tour.
After learning French online, he set of to France and had a great trip.
Since he knew the basics of French language, he didn't have any difficulty in dealing with the French speaking communities.
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