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Quitting Sugar - Is It Healthy For Your Body?

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Are you thinking about quitting sugar or sweets from your foods to lose your extra weight or for any reason else? If yes then you should listen to me!

Is Quitting Sweet Foods Healthy For Our Body?

First you should know that if you want to quit sugar from your foods then it is not healthy for your body why?

OK let's see what are sugar effects in our body and why you shouldn't quit it? when we eat foods that contain sugar such as sweets, honey and the sweetness of fruit they become glugose in our body and glugose has many benefits for our body such as:

1- Glugose is important for us to live as it provides our body with needed energy daily.
2- Glugose is essential for our body as it keeps our body sustaining a regular temperature.
3- Glugose is good for thinking as your brain thinks using glucose.
4- Glugose is essential for muscle formation.
5- Without sugar your body ages much faster, your skin ages.

Then if you are speaking to your self before and say" i should quit sugar to lose my extra weight" now you already discovered the benefits of sugar for your body.

David, Is this mean that you can eat any amounts of sugar?
Of course No! as consuming high amounts of sugar leads to:-
1-Increasing cholesterol.
2-Can cause hyperactivity, difficulty concentrating, anxiety and then Makes You Nervous.
3-Can cause cardiovascular disease.
4-Can causes food allergies.
5-Can weaken eyesight.
6-The worst thing in my opinion Sugar can decrease growth hormone (the key to staying youthful and lean).
7- Eating high amounts of sugar leads to gaining weight and then your body will not be in a good appearance.

Then What are the Recommended Grams of Sugar Per Day?
There are two measurements for recommended sugar consuming daily " tablespoons and grams" Then you should know that"1 tbsp of sugar = 5 g".

Recommended Grams of Sugar for Men
Many searches states that the advised grams of sugar for men should not be more than 9 tbsp"45g" of sugar daily.
Recommended Grams of Sugar for Women
Many searches states that the advised grams of sugar for women should not be more than 6 tbsp"30g" of sugar daily.

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