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Why You Are Not Getting Traffic From Articles & What You Should Do About It

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When it comes to getting traffic from your articles there is specific reasons why you don't get traffic and why other people do.
I want to show you why you're not getting traffic from your article marketing and exactly what you need to do about it right away.
Secret #1: You must be writing to people who are in pain to get the most traffic possible.
If you can write to people who are actually trying to solve a pain in their lives you will get more article traffic then just writing about other stuff.
I have proven this over and over - you will get more traffic if you try and show them a solution to their pain and help them to see that your site will provide them with that solution.
Secret #2: You must not be timid when you are asking people to click your link to come to your site and see what you have to offer.
The thing people don't realize is - they want to have their problem fixed and what you to be the one to do it if you provide value.
But the bottom line is you must without question make sure you have a great resource box that helps them click the link and go to your site.
Most people can write good articles but when it comes to actually getting them to click the link in the resource box they stop being bold and just give some lame resource box link and pre sell.
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