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Youth Activities for Christians

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    Home Mission Trips

    • Mission trips are very beneficial to teens as many feel connected when they are helping others. These opportunities give youth a valuable way to serve the Lord and can be a life-changing transformation. Planning a mission trip for breaks for school or for summer can be expensive. Consider participating in missions in your own area. Find some people in the church such as the elderly or shut-ins who need help with lawn care and home maintenance.

    Youth Choir

    • Singing is a great activity where teens can get to know one another through the sharing of music. It is a good way for teens to contribute to the church by using their musical talents. If any of your youth are learning to play instruments, have them play along for accompaniment. This is a way to help build their confidence for playing in front of others. Start out with easy songs that are good for both the singers and musicians. When you have a few songs down, pick a group name and spread the word. This is a good tool for reaching out to peers and is something they will love.

    Bible Study

    • Youth Bible studies are a good way to build on faith, learn God's word and share with others your age. Teens are at an age where they are spending less time with their family and more time with friends socializing. Bible studies are helpful for teens dealing with peer pressure, school and relationships. Sometimes having someone your own age to bond with through Christian activities like this can help you to grow spiritually through God's word.

    Overnight Lock-In

    • Overnight lock-ins are something that teens look forward to participating in. Pick a theme for your lock-in like the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, western theme or Latin theme. Have the teens come in costume if they desire. Choose food that goes with the chosen theme like hamburgers and shakes for a 1950s theme. Activities can include karaoke with songs relating to the theme and games like Pictionary and Bible trivia. Have a time of worship complete with a skit relating to your theme and some worship music. Make sure to provide plenty of snacks as kids get can get hungry at any time. If your youth group is small, invite teens from some of the other churches within your denomination.

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