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How To Get Women Into Bed Through Sexual Framing

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Sexual framing is a great technique for how to get women into bed. This technique uses "sexual frames," which means the underlying meaning behind each interaction. When you're trying to move a woman into having sex with you, you're using these meanings in your words and actions. By doing this, the escalation is very natural, normal and comfortable.

The way to do this is the simple trick of shaping behaviors. This is done every day in every type of situation, not only in picking up women. People actually have very malleable frames. They can be easily told what they didn't know they were thinking.

For example, if you compliment someone, they will be likely to believe what you've said to them about themselves. Their ego gets a kick out of it and they begin to believe that they have that characteristic.

Another fact about human nature is that we always tend toward commitment and consistency. This means that when we consistently believe something about ourselves, we commit to this believe and accept it as fact.

How this works when picking up women is simple. You tell her that she's a certain way, and this way is conducive to getting her over to your place quickly. If she accepts what you've said, this means that you've set the frame. If she rejects it, she breaks the frame. Once accepted, this becomes a consistent thought that she has committed too, and you're successfully shaping her behavior.

Sexual frames are an easy, fast and natural way to get a woman into bed. One reason is that they build momentum. Each frame builds on the last one, and this all makes it much easier and quicker to position her into going to bed with you.

It's a matter of degrees. She may believe that she's "not that kind of girl" when you first meet her, but through successful framing, she's tearing off her panties and leaping into bed with you. It turns out she is that kind of girl after all!

But it has to be done in subtle ways. You can't start with something sexual or by telling her that she's a dirty girl. Things like telling her that she's independent, or she's in control of her sex life, will help set the stage. You can tell her that she's aggressive. These are all qualities that lead to sex.

Sexual framing offers a way of how to get a woman into bed quickly and naturally. It's a great method for picking up women and shaping their beliefs and behaviors.

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