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Help for Batch Programming

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    • Insert the @ symbol immediately before text you do not want displayed on the user's screen. The program still runs the commands after the symbol. @EACH OFF is a common command that prevents all lines of code from displaying. Use the @EACH OFF command at the top of your batch file.


    • Add the double colon "::" to include comments in your batch file. As long as the text follows on the same line as the double colon, those remarks do not display or execute with the program.


    • Use the ECHO command to display a word or sentence on the user's screen. Whatever text follows the ECHO command is displayed. For example, ECHO Hello World! displays "Hello World!" on the computer screen.


    • Use CLS whenever you need to clear the text on the computer screen. This handy technique is helpful when displaying a lot of text. For example, after displaying 25 individual lines of text, you can insert the CLS command and all text is immediately cleared.


    • Use the EXIT command to close out your batch file. Only insert this command once into the file and on the last line. When the programming script reaches the last line, it automatically closes the program.


    • Use the PAUSE key when you want someone to read important text. This command prompts the user to hit any key to continue. No further text or commands execute until a key is pressed.

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